HNW - magnifying lamps

JoAnne Borona joanne1 at
Tue Sep 22 07:10:41 PDT 1998


I recently ordered a really nice one from Damark.  If fact, I got one for
my Mom as well.  The magnifying glass is about six inches in diameter and
surrounded by a fluorescent light.  (I know--the light can effect colors,
but I'm more interested in being able to SEE those little needlepoint and
cross stitches.  By the time I get around to stitching the colors have been
chosen already.)  It was about forty dollars, and clamps onto a table-like
a drafting light.  The only thing is that it really is heavy, so you need
to secure it to something that's equally heavy.  I had planned on putting
it on the 'cat condo' (you know, one of those carpet covered cat complexes,
since it is in back of my chair and to the side, and I thought that it
would be out of the way--but no dice.  Too heavy!  So you need to pick your
spot for it.  And in the beginning, it didn't want to stay where you
adjusted it to--but a piece of string fixed that, and now it is being more
co-operative.  I no longer have the catalog, but will poke around my desk
later today for the invoice.  You might just try calling Damark, and ask
them to do a search for it.  I have done this with other companies. 
Hopefully, I'll find something with a number on it for you later.

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