HNW - Museum photography

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Tue Sep 22 16:15:52 PDT 1998

>>>Unless I used a tripod, I haven't had much luck with low-light conditions.
>>>Your mileage may vary.

>Thanks, I'll have to try them.  What little I've done without a tripod,
>I've found I don't stay still long enough.

Last night was the first photography class, and the pro who is teaching it
sometimes uses a cloth bag packed tightly with rice in place of a tripod.
In the V&A textiles room, a bag on the back of two chairs pushed together
should work, since I understand that they do not allow tripods.  They did
allow non-flash cameras.  It might even work pressed against the glass of a
museum case, under some circumstances.  Or on a friend's shoulder.

A travel catalog also has a 6-inch tripod, which might be worth trying with
the feet against the glass case, if the guards would tolerate it where big
tripods are not allowed..

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