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<<So never, ever use pencil to mark needlework.  There are several
disappearing ink pens available that work well for this.>>

Yes, I agree -- I will never use pencil again.  I've used the disappearing ink
pens without a problem.  I've also basted the lines in with colored thread. 

This was the first time I have ever used pencil, and I only did it because of
the recommendation of a _very_ well-respected needlework teacher who teaches
in the Embroiderer's Guild of America  (EGA) and in the American Needlepoint
Guild (ANG).  Her advice for many other things was sound.  I would say that
her advice here was off the mark (so to speak).   Unfortunately for me, I
followed this advice while working on my Master Craftsman project, and the
judges are both picky and sharp-eyed.  Nearly any other project I could have
shrugged off and said, "Live and learn."  This one I am trying to rescue. 

Melinda Sherbring   (Eowyn Amberdrake)
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