HNW - Tambour work

Liz Herman/cozit cozit at
Tue Sep 22 18:07:11 PDT 1998

Nothing wrong with doing tambour with a crochet hook.  The only reason I
passed on the "mini latch hook" idea was that the person who introduced
it to me mentioned that she often had trouble with the hook she was
using snagging on the fabric on the way back through the hole.  This is
even after using the regular hook for some period.

Actually, I take it back...some small crochet hooks would be a bit
difficult to work tambour work with, having more metal in the hook than
truely necessary, or in some cases a smaller hook area that is more
difficult to toss the thread over.  The reason I mentioned the (wool)
rug hooks is that they are actually designed to do the same type of a
job, and the smaller hooks are perfect for tambour work...including a
handle that is easier to put pressure on to pierce the fabric.

- -Elisabeth
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