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<<have you asked the teacher who suggested using pencil how to remove it?>>

Not yet, for several reasons:
	- I do not have a direct means of contacting her, and she guards her privacy,
	-  The class I took from her was a pilot class for a class she will be
teaching  at the EGA  National Seminar next week (or is it this week? Or is it
next month? I've lost track), so she may well not be home anyway,
	- she is known as a rather prickly individual
I expect to see her at the ANG National Symposium the first week of November,
in San Diego.  I most definately expect to ask her then.  But now I have
several things to try before I talk to her.   I would rather approach with a
solved problem than with a complaint, even though her original advice led to
the predicament I'm in. 

She  made the recommendation about pencil tracing after someone in the class
asked her about transferring designs.  The design we were working upon in
class was her design, transferred to the linen with number 2 pencil. All lines
of her design are covered by the thread, so it doesn't show.  The key
difference is that after taking her class, i designed something, transferred
it to a fresh piece of linen, and in the process of tracing it on my light
box, got some of the lines where they did not belong.  The tracing problem was
wholly my fault.  And pencil is probably fine if you know that you will always
trace true, and thus will always hide the lines with thread.   So her advice
was not entirely bad, just not good advice for me.  :-)

Melinda Sherbring   
(Eowyn Amberdrake)
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