HNW - recording color

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Wed Sep 23 07:05:30 PDT 1998

Someone mentioned that you  don't get good/accurate color reproduction when
you're using slow film, etc. and photographing under low light conditions
(especially artificial low light.)

If reproducing color accurately is important to you, get a PMS color book
(from  a large office supply store, printer, or printer's supply company.)
These have hundreds of shaded colors, each one of which is numbered. You
can match whatever color you're trying to record to one in the book, record
the number, and when you get home, you'll know exactly what it looked like.
Trust me, every color is in there.

They're not cheap (usually $50 or so), but sometimes a printer will let you
have an old one cheap or even free. They're updated once a year, and
printers have to have the latest one.

(in case you're wondering, they're used for specifying colors in color
printing. If I do my layout and design at home, I can specific what colors
I want from the book, and tell the printer. It's a way of making sure the
designer is looking at/expecting *exactly* the same color as the printer.
The inks are mixed on the basis of formulas provided by the book.)


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