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Wed Sep 23 12:39:07 PDT 1998

Deborah Pulliam writes, in a message sent 09:05 AM 9/23/98 -0500:
>Someone mentioned that you  don't get good/accurate color reproduction when
>you're using slow film, etc. and photographing under low light conditions
>(especially artificial low light.)
>If reproducing color accurately is important to you, get a PMS color book

Good suggestion, but that's much more acurate than I need.  (PMS is the
Pantone colour standards book?)  I am only trying to reproduce these items
in cloth or embroidery, not match the colours exactly for the publication
of illustrations. 

Mostly as close as I need is seeing the difference between a warm pink and
a cool one, or getting a general list of colours some period used.  I
usually reference colours I see against dye pigments I know, etc., adjusted
for lighting present.  

Now that you mention bringing a pocket-sized reference book, the DMC thread
sample card would be cheaper and more direct for matching thread colours.
(Anchor and Coats and Clarks must also have sample cards.)  And the Pantone
book, being for printing, would have way more colours than you could get
thread to match anyway (I've seen it - it's got EVERYTHING).

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