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Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at
Wed Sep 23 13:47:26 PDT 1998

At 12:39 PM 9/23/98 -0700, Kayta wrote:
>Now that you mention bringing a pocket-sized reference book, the DMC thread
>sample card would be cheaper and more direct for matching thread colours.
>(Anchor and Coats and Clarks must also have sample cards.)  And the Pantone
>book, being for printing, would have way more colours than you could get
>thread to match anyway (I've seen it - it's got EVERYTHING).

You might also consider getting a color card from Kreinik for their silk
thread colors (that's the kind of threads heavily used in the stuff I try
to recreate, anyway - 16th and 17th century); and Rainbow has one for their
linen thread.  I presume they have color cards for the other types of
threads they manufacture.

Jacquie Samples
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