HNW - Cleaning Needlework Aceia at
Thu Sep 24 07:44:56 PDT 1998

On this similar thread... My mother's wedding dress (1959) has a wine stain
down the front.  The satin has aged to an unmatchable ivory and the hand
stitched freshwater pearls and French lace have turned champagne.  The wine
was white wine, so when it was dry-cleaned they missed the stain... it has now
turned red.  The stain was aquired in 1984 when my sister wore it for her
wedding.    The handiwork on the dress is very beautiful and we would like to
'reclaim' this piece for use, but with the stain it is worthless (unless we
cut it up to make memory pillows or something).
Would the ivory soap and Biz work on something like this without leaving a
whiter mark where the stain was??
- -Robin
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