HNW - Embroidery for Clergy Stole

Charlene Charette charlene at
Thu Sep 24 10:28:40 PDT 1998


> This Christmas I want to make a clery stole for a priest friend of mine.
> Denis is a bit of a history maven, and is terribly proud of his French
> heritage. He even tries to force people to address him as "Pere Denis."
> I'm looking for ideas as to what type of embroidery - or any other
> needlework - would be apropos.  Thank you.

I've seen a book on embroidering religious vestments at the Houston library.  I
believe it was on English embroidery, rather than French.  I take it you are
looking specifically for French designs, any time period?  Where are you
located?  I have some contacts in the Cajun French Catholic community that might
be able to help if I have a better idea exactly what you're looking for.  Email
me directly (charlene at

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