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JoAnne Borona joanne1 at
Thu Sep 24 12:13:14 PDT 1998


And anyone else who missed it the first time around.  Here is the blurb
from the damark catalog that I copied and sent out  a couple of days ago. 
I can't say enough what a big help this is to me.  I am sure that anyone
with bad eyes would love it.



Great news!  I found the catalog.  

Damark   1 (800) 827-6767

"Magnifying Lamp
	This magnifying lamp eases eyestrain on sewing tasks, art projects,
electronic repairs and more.  The lamp clamps onto your table or desk and
has a 42" extension arm that gives you room to work.  The 3-diopter lens
magnifies your view while the included 22-watt circular fluorescent tube
floods the viewing area with light.  Includes convenience outlet in base
and 3-conductor cord.  
(White) Item No. B-20455-569943	(Black) Item No. B-20455-569929
S/H Code D each	($7.99)

This was in a members' catalog, just tell them a friend told you about
it--especially if they start asking for codes off the back of the catalog.

It really has been nice working these last few weeks.  This is a 'God
Send'.  I'm sure you'll like it.  I have seen a few advertised else where. 
Halogens are TOO hot!  And others I've seen are MUCH more expensive.  I
think it was in Clotilde's that I saw one that sat on a table for almost

Anyway, I've done all I can.  


Oh, same disclaimer as everyone else--I don't work for them, have just
ordered from them.  J.

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