HNW - Embroidery for Clergy Stole

Susan Evans woofie at
Thu Sep 24 15:28:02 PDT 1998

>>There are good books out on making up stoles, designing, symbolism, etc.,
>>but first do get some ideas from him.

  A great author for this type of work is Beryl Dean.  She has several
books out.

  You may also want to check out nearby Catholic seminary libraries.  They
will most likely have books on technique and examples.  I visited one near
Albany, NY and not only was it a wonderful place for research, the
librarian was kind enough to take me on a look-touch tour of the vestments
in storage - many old ones with different gold thread techniques.  

  There are also catalogs for vestments - some carry supplies for the
embroiderer - trim and threads.  Even appliques (including for the SCA
people - pelicans).

  Tinsel Trading in NYC on 38th St. is a good place for metal threads and
ecclesiastical trims.

Sue Evans

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