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>  With a silk wedding dress, this
>method would probably involve a bathtub, since the whole dress would be
>getting wet  (to avoid water stains).  That sounds awfully risky. 

True, but the dress is ruined otherwise.  I think treating it as needlework is
the best thing to do to preserve the lace and the pearls....  I guess if you
look at it right, the whole garment is one big needlework piece.  We
considered rebuilding the dress with new satin, but the champagne color of the
lace and pearls would clash with anything but satin that has aged silver-grey.
Ivory would be awful and white would glare.  This dress also has some white
velvet accents, and I am not sure if I should remove those before soaking it
in the Biz-soap solution....

- -Robin
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