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Sat Sep 26 08:51:29 PDT 1998

Through the years I've seen, and collected, something that nobody seems to
know what it is.  The pieces are made from crochet-type thread, which appears
to be some type of knotting, in a pattern of squares.  Looks almost like a
netlike balanced weave.   Further, it looks like this background is used as a
base for decorative embroidery, often flower-type motifs, from the same
thread.  Some areas, often along the edges, are filled in with weaving similar
to a hand-done darning stitch.  I've seen doilies, place mats, runners and

Can anyone tell me, from my feeble description, what this might be and where I
might find info (books or ?) which address this method?

Detta Juusola,  Detta's Spindle, Maple Plain, MN
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