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Sat Sep 26 10:06:50 PDT 1998

If, at the intersection of each of the squares, you find a knot, I agree
with Laura that this is almost certainly lacis or filet lace.  My 1947 Good
Housekeeping Needlecraft Encyclopedia calls it "lace net embroidery."  If
you can find a copy of Therese de Dillmont's "Complete Encyclopedia of
Needlework", originally published in, er, wait, my copy doesn't say! (mine
was printed by Running Press in 1972), she devotes a chapter to netting and
filet lace.

My mother has a lacis tablecloth and now that I know how to net, knows
where to go if it needs repairs!

I couldn't find the steel netting needles either, so I prevailed on one of
my brothers to make me one out of a piece of brass welding rod.

And I tried to get "Textiles and Clothing" from Hamilton Books last year
and they were sold out!  :(  I *will* have this book, even if I have to buy
it from  HMSO!


At 11:51 AM 9/26/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Through the years I've seen, and collected, something that nobody seems to
>know what it is.  The pieces are made from crochet-type thread, which appears
>to be some type of knotting, in a pattern of squares.  Looks almost like a
>netlike balanced weave.   Further, it looks like this background is used as a
>base for decorative embroidery, often flower-type motifs, from the same
>thread.  Some areas, often along the edges, are filled in with weaving
>to a hand-done darning stitch.  I've seen doilies, place mats, runners and
>Can anyone tell me, from my feeble description, what this might be and
where I
>might find info (books or ?) which address this method?
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