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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Mon Sep 28 02:50:03 PDT 1998

>While you are at the photo shop buying fast film, buy a color card.
>These cards are put into the photo (I put one beside the textile in one
>shot and remove it in another) and are used by the printing house to
>match the colors. They're reasonably priced (I've had mine since the
>dawn of time, or while I was in grad school) and are a standard in the
>photo industry.

Another duh.  As in, why didn't we all think of this?  I could put my DMC
card in photos, because I usually use DMC thread, and then I would have the
perfect reference for embroidering in the same colours.  And it would be in
dependant of the brand of film I happened to be using, or to the lighting
conditions.  Thank you so much.

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