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Mon Sep 28 07:04:47 PDT 1998

>Looking at the two books I mentioned before, this technique would work 
>for caskets or padded boxes. Both were favorites for stumpwork.

Bunny, are either of those medieval?  The only illustrations I've
been able to find of boxes/frames (that kind of thing) are from
the 1700's.  If I *could* use this kind of stitchery for boxes,
that would be GREAT.

>You've never heard of the perfectly period technique of "decommissioning"
>church pieces and using them for secular purposes?  Very popular among
>Vikings and Tudor English...
Appropos of this, I'd like to ask an opinion from all of you. The 
original purpose of all this research was to find something different
and unusual to do for the auction my Barony has every Winter Court.
(We have an auction to help pay for the winter fighter practice
site, and always wind up making more than we need, which is nice)
As I mentioned before, one of the pieces I found was a Nativity
scene.  Since this will be auctioned at Winter Court (being held
on 12/19) it would be appropriate for the "season," but I hesitate,
for two reasons.  First, there is the SCA policy about religion.
Yes, I know this only refers to things like espousing religions
or requiring some kind of religious practice, but still, I hesitate.
_Some_ SCA people can be awfully prickly about that sort of thing.
Second, I know there are a goodly number of SCA folk who are not
Christian.  I'd be offering the piece in the spirit of an artwork,
but would really like to avoid offending anyone.

What do you all think?  I would turn out lovely (if I have *my*
way <g>), but would it be all right?


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