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Mon Sep 28 09:34:29 PDT 1998

>Appropos of this, I'd like to ask an opinion from all of you. The
>original purpose of all this research was to find something different
>and unusual to do for the auction my Barony has every Winter Court.
>(We have an auction to help pay for the winter fighter practice
>site, and always wind up making more than we need, which is nice)
>As I mentioned before, one of the pieces I found was a Nativity
>scene.  Since this will be auctioned at Winter Court (being held
>on 12/19) it would be appropriate for the "season," but I hesitate,
>for two reasons.  First, there is the SCA policy about religion.
>Yes, I know this only refers to things like espousing religions
>or requiring some kind of religious practice, but still, I hesitate.
>_Some_ SCA people can be awfully prickly about that sort of thing.
>Second, I know there are a goodly number of SCA folk who are not
>Christian.  I'd be offering the piece in the spirit of an artwork,
>but would really like to avoid offending anyone.
>What do you all think?  I would turn out lovely (if I have *my*
>way <g>), but would it be all right?

Non SCA answer:  It's an AUCTION; no one is forcing anyone to bid on
anything they don't like.  Do you not serve meat because there are a few
vegetarians?  Do you not serve beer and wine because there are a few
non-drinkers.  Go for it! It'll be lovely.


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