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Tue Sep 29 02:31:28 PDT 1998

Elizabeth died in 1603, making the period just before that Elizabethan.
James the First succeeded her, making the next period Jacobean.  To a
purist, the SCA 'period' stops at 1600, as it says (or used to say) in the
Corpora.  For many others, it goes till 1650.

>Excuse me, but isn't that the other way round??
>> The boxes I find pictures of are early 1600's, making them Jacobean,
>> which some people do under the SCA umbrella.  Some may be very VERY
>> late 1600s, making them Elizabethan, if barely, and certainly just
>> SCA period. 

Oops - I meant "very VERY late 1500's". 

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