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Tue Sep 29 05:49:33 PDT 1998

It's called Lacis (sometimes called Irish crochet, filet crochet or filet
lace). If you don't get lots more answers, I'll dig up info for you, but
the school bus is coming in a few minutes!


On Sat, 26 Sep 1998 11:51:29 EDT DettaS at writes:
>Through the years I've seen, and collected, something that nobody 
>seems to
>know what it is.  The pieces are made from crochet-type thread, which 
>to be some type of knotting, in a pattern of squares.  Looks almost 
>like a
>netlike balanced weave.   Further, it looks like this background is 
>used as a
>base for decorative embroidery, often flower-type motifs, from the 
>thread.  Some areas, often along the edges, are filled in with weaving 
>to a hand-done darning stitch.  I've seen doilies, place mats, runners 
>Can anyone tell me, from my feeble description, what this might be and 
>where I
>might find info (books or ?) which address this method?
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