HNW - Simplicity "Renaissance" patterns

Lyn Greaves rosamund at
Wed Sep 30 08:59:10 PDT 1998

Just made a glance at the web site,  They're not bad looking, but the bodice
should have a skirt attached to it (the pattern has just the Italian style
bodice over a chemise, with vanbraces of fabric over the forearms) and an
upper sleeve section should be added.  That would make it a much better
attempt, IMHO.

Lyn Greaves
Lady Rosamund d'Alwareton
     OM, OTerp, OSalamander
Thorny Rose
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Subject: HNW - Simplicity "Renaissance" patterns

>Has anyone looked at or worked with the new line of Simplicity
>"Renaissance" patterns" They are for Italian Rens. I've never made
>one and wondered if these patterns are reliable or acurate.
>Kassandra NickKraken
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