HNW - Simplicity "Renaissance" patterns

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Wed Sep 30 10:31:02 PDT 1998

Connie Carroll writes, in a message sent 04:48 AM 9/30/98 +0000:
>Has anyone looked at or worked with the new line of Simplicity 
>"Renaissance" patterns" They are for Italian Rens. I've never made 
>one and wondered if these patterns are reliable or acurate.

I've seen some made up at my local cloth store.  They look like the kind of
thing you can get at a costume rental place.  Good for SCA newbies and
amateur theatre groups, but I don't want one.

As to reliable, I hear that these big companies have a better track record
than some of the specialty pattern companies, as far as pieces fitting
together, back views being provided, and directions being coherent.  The
Alter Years mail order company rates historical patterns on this kind of
quality, based on actual people having used them.

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