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Wed Sep 30 18:27:50 PDT 1998

I have made the chemise view B from 8192, and the overdress view B from
7756.  They look quite nice together and are very comfortable.  I did alter
the overdress to take shallower darts in the boddice front as my waist is
not exactly hourglass.  The finished product does however look very good on
me.  I used 100% cotton for the outfit. I have also made the blouse from
8249, view A but without all the elastic bands in the sleeve.  It also fits

As for authenticity, well, I'm not too sure.  Or, rather, I am sure they are
not at all authentic.  At least for 11th to 14th centuries.  Maybe better
later in the 15th or 16th???  The chemise from 8192 and the blouse from 7756
both have set-in sleeves, for example.  Perhaps if you crossed the top from
8249 with the chemise from 8192......  But that still would not be a
cotehardie.  I guess it depends what look you are after.  I think they are
marvelous for Faire wear, and passable for SCA wear if you are not picky
about authenticity.  I enjoy them.  But I am hardly an expert.  I wonder
what others think.....
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Subject: HNW - Simplicity "Renaissance" patterns

>Has anyone looked at or worked with the new line of Simplicity
>"Renaissance" patterns" They are for Italian Rens. I've never made
>one and wondered if these patterns are reliable or acurate.
>Kassandra NickKraken
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