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Hi Jacquie:

I'm really looking forward to our class.  The one thing you probably need
that won't be mentioned in your advance material from the Heart folks is a
hoop or small frame to do a little stitching in.  We mostly work on design
layout of the coif if you want to do an entire coif.  Then most folks worked
on a bit of the coif design in actual size or an enlarged bit and practiced
braid stitch with some different fibers.  They felt the lack of a hoop or
q-snaps or small frame.  You will have one piece of linen for the coif and a
doodle cloth for practice.  Bring some old embroidery scissors if you want
to try out the various metallic threads or add snips of them to your class
materials for a fiber notebook.

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>Thanks for posting this overview of Linn's Elizabethan Elegance class!  I'm
>registered to take it in Sept. at Des Moines, and I've been wondering
>exactly what we'd learn. I knew that I'd learn a lot, and am very happy to
>have gotten into the class, but I didn't know about the gold, how much
>material we'd be getting etc.  Thanks so much for helping me get through
>the long months of anticipation in front of me.  If you have any hints
>about what I might be able do to prepare before the class, please email me!
> Of course, there's that lack of free time thing, but I'll worry about that
>later. :)
>Have a good day,
>At 04:44 PM 6/20/99 -0400, Rowena wrote:
>>    I went just to take the courses from Linn, ... [snip]
>>    Her course on blackwork on garments, and on Elizabethan coifs in
>>particular, was wonderful.  She gave us all photos of blackwork on real
>>garments at the V&A and other places she has been allowed to examine in
>>detail, and photograph.   I was particularly happy to find that she has
>>once found a garment where it looks like the blackwork was counted.  She
>>numerous examples of where they were handsketched on first, and then
>>embroidered,  and a LOT of examples of where the design was woodblock
>>printed on, and then embroidered.   In other words, where they used
>>transfers and just followed the lines.   She has an example -and had the
>>photographs of! -where they actually have to different coifs done with the
>>same stamped on pattern.  They are each just different enough....
>>    After having done a partlet in blackwork on the finest cotton I could
>>find,  and counted it!  , this was a particularly pleasing find.
>>    She gave us enough 45-count linen, the finest she can now find, for me
>>to get two of these caps out of it, if I am very careful on one of them.
>>She gave us a LOT of black silk of different weights, and started us off
>>a fiber notebook with a lot of samples of silks, and fakes, and metallics
>>and fakes.
>>    SHE GAVE US REAL GOLD TO COUCH DOWN,  from the only source she has
>>able to find that sells stuff that is gold, not just 2% silver.   It sells
>>by the gram, from over in Europe.   We didn't get much,  but she gave us
>>enough to do some neat highlights on the coif.  And will order any of it
>>us, if we want more.     Silly me, of course I do!   Thoughts of running
>>through Pennsic with this cap, showing it to people,  with real gold
>>on it, while chuckling and muttering mine, mine!   did drift evilly
>>my head!
>>    It was worth the 6 hour drive to Philadelphia, the tolls and the
>>traffic,  just to talk to this lady.   Check out the Heart of Cross Stitch
>>Festival,  and the Creative Arts & Textiles Festivals,  where she will be
>>teaching, and GO if you can.
>>NEXT YEAR.  Yes, I know I am shouting.   But her knowledge is worth trying
>>to get some of us to pay attention,  and I would really, really like to
>>learn what she knows on goldwork.
>>Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh, Aethelmearc
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