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Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN) reida at
Tue Jul 6 22:13:12 PDT 1999

Thanks for the comments/review of those three books on Elizabethan
needlework.  I saw them in Stadia's catalogue a couple of seasons ago but
never got around to ordering them.  It sounds like they're worth getting.
I'd been looking around in bookstores for them but have never yet seen them
on the shelves.  (They are written by a lady in New Zealand apparently.)

I too would recommend the Stadia Trading website, they
always have new and interesting things on offer.  I've mail ordered from
them and they were very prompt and easy to deal with.  One thing I like
about them is that they usually show the finished item in their catalogues,
from comments I've read in their catalogue I gather everyone pitches in to
lend a hand stitching up samples whenever things are quiet.  Sounds like a
great job...

Enjoy the stitching.  If you do any of the projects, let us know how they

Bartolomeo Agazzari (Andrew Reid)
(a very envious SCA Elizabethan...)
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