HNW - Stranded or twist? broid at
Tue Jul 6 23:39:32 PDT 1999

I recently received a free sample of silk floss from Eterna Silk.  Their 
website <> has the following description:

           100% silk filament thread, stranded or twist, for
           all of your embroidery needs. [snip]  Choose between 
           stranded or "mini-twist" in over 450 colors.

I'm planning to use this for 16th century Elizabethan embroidery and 
perhaps experiment with some opus anglicanum split stitch or or nue' 
work.  Which would be more appropriate, the stranded or the twist?  The 
only silk I've ever worked with is plied exactly like cotton floss.  The 
sample I received is not like that.  It's indeed stranded (they don't 
give samples of the mini-twist), but not as tightly plied like cotton 
floss.  Which one would you recommend?


p.s.  You can request a sample from the webpage listed above and order a 
set of the 450 different colored skeins for $100 there too.
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