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I have at least one of the books.  I don't think one needs to look at them
as mere reproductions of Elizabethan embroidery.  More "inspired by" and
exhibiting a wonderful example of a style of Australian design and execution
that I'm seeing more and more of.  A lovely use of color and metallics as
well as raised and flat techniques all together.

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>In response to Megan's gloat:
>I picked up a copy of Exploring Elizabethan Needlework when in NZ last
>year, and was quite impressed with it as a how to book.  I think that it
>needs to be used in conjunction with some other books to get a better
>impression of the period feel, since I think the projects are a bit modern.
>It took me a while to work out why (well some of them are obvious),
>particularly with those that are based on period pieces.  I came to the
>conclusion that the pieces she shows are a bit too neat, by which I mean
>that they are too regular and measured up, while the original pieces were
>worked more by eye, which gives them a more vibrant feel.  I think, too,
>her use of DMC makes the pieces a bit flat, which would be rectified by
>using a silk to a certain extent, and ideally a hand-dyed silk with a bit
>of variation in colour to get some of the variations evident in originals.
>More colour shading might help here too, as might some tighter weave and
>different fabric backgrounds.  It's a pity that the book has no photos of
>period pieces, but that said, I still think it's an excellent book.  I'd
>recommend using it in conjunction with George Wingfield Digby's Elizabethan
>Embroidery, if you can get hold of it.  It's sadly out of print, and the
>photos are only B&W, but it is available in some library systems, notably
>the ACT public library system.  I'd also recommend having a look at some
>paintings with Elizabethan embroidery, and if possible some colour photos,
>to get a better feel for colour variations and general presentation.
>I'd like to see the other two books - could you post the ISBN numbers?
>So, how about I set Elizabethan embroidery for a Worshipful Company of
>Broderers (Lochac/Australia) comp for some time next year?
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