HNW - Woo-hoo! Yippee!

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Hi Sarah:

I think the 2000 requests for papers, etc. was ended quite some time ago.
Hope to see you there.

Of course, a bad conclusion that NZ and Australia are one and the same, but
to an outsider, there seems to be an identifiable style (or styles) in
modern embroidery developing from down under.  Perhaps with subtle
differences as in North America (Canada & US).

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>Linn said:
>>I have at least one of the books.  I don't think one needs to look at them
>>as mere reproductions of Elizabethan embroidery.  More "inspired by"
>Definately true, but I was aiming my comments more at the 're-enactment'
>market, and wanted to discourage anyone from thinking that her projects
>were the same as the originals.
> and
>>exhibiting a wonderful example of a style of Australian design and
>>that I'm seeing more and more of.
>I think this book's by a New Zealander.  (They take to being called
>Australians the same way that Canadians take to being called Americans!)  I
>have to admit to knowing very little about contemporary Aust and N.Z.
>embroidery, although if I can make it to Embroidery 2000, that might
>change!  Do you know if there are still openings for teachers, and if they
>want art-historical as well as hands on classes?
> Sarah
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