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Could you please post the Author and ISBN # ?

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>Sarah Randles wrote
>"...I think that it needs to be used in conjunction with some other books 
>get a better impression of the period feel, since I think the projects are 
>bit modern...I came to the conclusion that the pieces she shows are a bit
>too neat, by which I mean that they are too regular and measured up, while
>the original pieces were worked more by eye, which gives them a more 
>I got this feeling too based on the pieces on the book covers, I haven't 
>a chance to look through them yet though.
>She also wrote:
>"I think, too, her use of DMC makes the pieces a bit flat, which would be
>rectified by using a silk to a certain extent, and ideally a hand-dyed silk
>with a bit of variation in colour to get some of the variations evident in
>I'm a recent convert to silks, I just started using them for my first
>attempt to do Elizabethan slips.  The effect is so much nicer, well worth
>the cost differential.  To get subtle gradations in colour, could you
>possibly add in one strand of a slightly darker or lighter shade when you
>are using multiple strands?
>And this:
>"I'd recommend using it in conjunction with George Wingfield Digby's
>Elizabethan Embroidery, if you can get hold of it.  It's sadly out of 
>and the photos are only B&W, but it is available in some library systems,
>notably the ACT public library system.  I'd also recommend having a look at
>some paintings with Elizabethan embroidery, and if possible some colour
>photos, to get a better feel for colour variations and general
>I recently bought "The Embroiderer's Flowers" in paperback (author escapes
>me at the moment, but I have the book at home if anyone would like more
>details).  One of the most appealling things about this book are the many
>full colour pictures of period embroidery, along with woodcuts from pattern
>books, portraits etc.  Sure it's slanted towards flower representation but
>there is lots of information about period design and techniques that can be
>gleaned from this book.  I have a friend here who owns a copy of the
>hellishly expensive "Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd" by Janet Arnold
>(US$180- yikes!), and there are many many B&W close up pictures of
>embroidery in it.  *sigh*  Each page a revelation!
>"So, how about I set Elizabethan embroidery for a Worshipful Company of
>Broderers (Lochac/Australia) comp for some time next year?"
>Oh yes please!!  There was an Elizabethan Embroidered Slips contest run
>sometime last year (SCA - Lochac Principality Arts & Sciences contest I
>think) but I found out about it a bit too late to try and make an entry in
>time.  I freely admit to a bias, anything 'Bethan is fine by me...
>Andrew Reid
>(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)
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