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Wed Jul 7 16:58:34 PDT 1999

Dear list(ers)

Thanks for the comments on and off the list regarding our Elizabethan books.
I apologise in advance and hope that the following is not interpreted as a
commercial message. It is difficult to talk about contemporary applications
of Elizabethan needlework without mentioning the books.

Yes, they are available anywhere on the globe (excuse this appalling
Elizabethan pun) where English is spoken . We have hundreds of shops in
North America (and Britain)carrying them and also our bead book, Time For
Beads by Julie Jackson plus the Hedebo and Half Cone sets which can be used
in conjunction with book three. We have three distributors in North America.
There are also many web sites, North America included, where the books can
be bought such as Wyndham Needlework etc.

As far as us New Zealanders and our Aussie cousins/brothers/sisters etc we
are just like Canadian citizens and US citizens. That is why I refer to
'North America' as such so that the description is all inclusive. Good
natured rivalry and competition exists. I think that the largest
non-originated group in Australia are expatriate Kiwis. Australian
needleworkers have been very enthusiastic converts to surface stitchery in
recent years and we have learned a lot from each other.

The Elizabethan books were aimed at introducing contemporary applications
but linking back to designs of old. Our next Elizabethan book uses the theme
of the alphabet with contemporary motifs that reinterpret the applications
which the Elizabethans used back in the good old days. We are always seeking
new innovative Elizabethan ideas - so any suggestions appreciated.

We also have other books but I won't bore you all with their details.



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