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Wed Jul 7 17:05:43 PDT 1999

Thanks for giving the details for Thomasina Beck's book "The Embroiderer's
Flowers" to the List, and for adding to the info posted about the Eterna
site, I'll check them out (although the poor exchange rate on the Aus/US $'s
bites a bit at the moment.)  I've started using Madeira brand silk, which at
Aus$1.95 a 5m skein would be a bit costly for a large work.  I was all set
to pay at the register with a bundle of another brand, labelled as Art.Silk
[sic - the period is theirs] when I read the very fine print that said
'stranded viscose'.  Sort of a 'Silk Lite' perhaps?

I hope this book is of use to you, I have found it very inspiring.

I have Jane Ashelford's 16th Cent costuming book from the "Visual History of
Costume" series (period portraits), very good for costuming but I find most
of the pictures a little too small and a little too dark (in B&W) to give
much detail of the embroidery.  What they are good for are to see the
context of how embroidery was used - placement, amount etc.  I take your
point about the regularity of the look - adding in a separate colour strand
to give gradations in tone - I'll try it and see.  I figure if it's fairly
close in colour and tone it should be fairly subtle.

(SCA stuff - Sorry List!  BTW Sarah thanks for adding the Elizabethan
embroidery as a comp category for W.C.o.B., I'll await the details with
interest!  Will you or mouse be in Perth this weekend for the Investiture?
I'm bringing at least three entries from our populace for the couching comp
at this stage.  I've been literally threatening to sit on people until they
give up their work for me to bring...<g>  The mark of a true Arts & Sciences
Officer - threats.)

Please keep posting book titles of interest.  I love reading your comments,
it goes a long way to figuring how useful a title could be when you can't
get your hands on it before ordering it - usually the case here in South Oz.

(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)
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