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Sarah Randles wrote:

> >I have Jane Ashelford's 16th Cent costuming book from the "Visual History of
> >Costume" series (period portraits), very good for costuming but I find most
> >of the pictures a little too small and a little too dark (in B&W) to give
> >much detail of the embroidery.  What they are good for are to see the
> >context of how embroidery was used - placement, amount etc.
> I have a feeling that there is more than one Jane Ashelford book on Eliz.
> costuming.  I could be mistaken here - does anyone know?

Ashelford, Jane; The Art of Dress, Clothes and Society 1500-1914
Ashelford, Jane; Dress in the Age of Elizabeth I; London:  Batsford, 1988; NY:
Holmes & Meier, 1988

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