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<<The one I know of is _Dress in the Age of Elizabeth I_ (London: Batsford, 
1988) which has some nice b&w photos of embroidered pieces, including some 
nightcaps, shirts and I think a partlet or two, as well as things like The 
Shepherd's Buss.  Is there another?

Yes, there are two Ashelford books on Elizabethan clothing, _Dress in the Age 
of Elizabeth I_  cited above, and _The Sixteenth Century_, in the _A Visual 
History of Costume_ series.  This is out of print, and I  got one recently 
only by sheerest chance (the publisher had some in the warehouse, and in the 
course of handling a different order, asked the proprietor of Hedgehog 
Handworks if she wanted the remaining stock.  She leapt at the chance, 
mentioned it to the local Elizabethan enthusiasts, and had them sold as she 
took them out of the box.)

_The Sixteenth Century_ consists of 1-2 photos of portrait paintings per page 
(8 pages in color, rest in black and white), with several paragraphs about 
the painting and the clothing seen in it.  The photos are arranged 

_Dress in the Age of Elizabeth_ tells the story of garb of that time, with 
more text, and 6 chapters (1. Women's dress 1558 - 1603, 2. Men's dress 1558 
- - 1603, 3. London and the Fashion trade, 4. the language of dress, 5. dress 
and social status, 6. festive dress).  Again, there are only 8 pp. of color 
plates, but the black and white photos include photos of surviving artifacts, 
as well as painted portraits. 

Yes, there is some overlap between the books in the portraits chosen (there 
are a finite number, after all).  If you want details of the portrait, the 
_Sixteenth Century__ book is better.  If you want to know how it all fits 
together, the _Dress_ book is better.  Both are probably out of print. 

Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles
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