HNW - Silk

Ree Moorhead Pruehs rpruehs at
Wed Jul 7 19:27:54 PDT 1999

>Re twisted versus stranded - I don't really know, but my guess, based on
>medieval practice is that it's more likely to be stranded.  Medieval silks
>for embroidery were most often reeled, i.e. pulled off the silk cocoons and
>wound on to bobbins.  For other purposes (i.e. weaving) they were plied
>together to form stronger threads, which will give a twisted effect.  I
>know I read this somewhere but I can't remember where, and don't have time
>to go searching for it.  If anyone knows the source, please tell me., don't have a source, do have practical experience with pulling silk
off cocoons....makes perfect sense to me. I remember how slender a thread
was made up of eleven strands of silk......


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