HNW - lacis vs. filet crochet for Victorian

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Wed Jul 7 02:59:02 PDT 1999

(hah! and they say filet is
>easier than lace crochet because you don't have those scary instructions!)

I don't do very well with text instructions, so I go for the Japanese
crochet books where everything is charted.  That is, every stitch has a
little symbol for it, and you can see where each one attaches and what kind
of stitch it is.  This way, no instructions are scary because you can see
what's going on at every point.  And every piece can be charted, so no
matter how complicated it is you can still see where you are and where you
need to go next.  I recommend them for the visual-based learners.

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