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Thu Jul 8 06:04:18 PDT 1999

> Admition of bias - I have a love of all things Elizabethan.  There are
> good books in existence about blackwork, but many of them are quite dated,
> lots of 70's style projects (yech).  I'd love to see something more
> particularly with examples of stitches and uses from period, as well as
> projects.  My other great love is slips.  The 'Little flowers on canvas'
> loved by Mary in exile.  Tapestry (in the modern sense) is so popular,
> would perhaps open up new uses of small scale tapestry works to people.
> Some slips were done in cross stitch too apparently, although I haven't
> seen a period piece 'in the flesh' or in a photo close enough to see more
> detail

    There are some pretty good pictures in "the Needlework of Mary, Queen of
Scotts" as well as a summary which does talk about some of the cross-stitch
    "She did not embroider for the sake of the stitches.  The pieces that
remain are not smoothly finished meticulous embroidery.  They were drawn out
for her with the shapes outlined in black silk.   She filled in the colors
with cross or tent stitch, shading as necessary from the silks available,
enlivening the design with an occasional chain or braid stitch to emphasize
the lettering or to highlight the lozenge compartments of the cushions now
at Hardwick.   "   p121

    And I can't say enough praise to Linn Skinner, for telling me this in
person and brining it back to my consciousness again!

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