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Diane S. Sawyer tasha_medved at
Thu Jul 8 07:13:16 PDT 1999

- --- Jacquie Samples <jacquie-samples at> wrote:
> I garden quite a bit, and did manual labor for years
> on farms, my hands are
> NOT smooth. Has anyone else tried this?  Should I
> even bother getting any?
> Will I even be able to get it wound onto bobbins
> without ruining it?  I was
> all set to gather up the 100 bucks to get the whole
> 450 color set (love
> working with silk, want whole palette to design
> with, usually broke), but I
> don't want to get something that's going to be a
> total washout!
> Thanks for any comments.
> Jacquie Samples

Get the free sample!  They really do have a quick turn
around.  I just got mine yesterday, and so have not
yet tried stitching with it, but it is lovely, and the
price is sooooo right!  I look forward to the product

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