HNW - lacis vs. filet crochet for Victorian

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Thu Jul 8 11:45:08 PDT 1999

Dear Kayta:

<I don't do very well with text instructions, so I go for the Japanese
crochet books where everything is charted.  That is, every stitch has a
little symbol for it, and you can see where each one attaches and what kind
of stitch it is.>

I highly recommend a great book:  "Crocheting in Plain English"  by Maggie
Righetti. She is warm, charming, and explains things very well. She gives
the reader instructions on how to read crochet instructions -- and then
shows patterns with charts. And explains how to read the charts. I found
the charts scary the first time I pikced up an Ondori (Japanese) book and
saw them. Now I understand what the symbols mean.

- --Kathryn
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