HNW - Etera Silk

cynthia j ley cley at
Thu Jul 8 14:44:03 PDT 1999

A friend of mine got a sample of the Eterna silk, and to be honest, I was
not impressed. I've probably been spoiled by embroidering with Japanese
flat silk. ;) The wierd thing is that even the twisted needlepoint silk I
work with has a nicer texture than the Eterna. I too found it "sticky,"
and it's not anything I want to try.

Like the lady who gardens, I have rough patches on my fingers, and silk
cobwebs at the slightest hint of touching a callus. I use a good hand
lotion before I work with it, then touch it as little as possible. After
I thread my needle, I twiz the thread a little and untwiz it to crimp it
into staying put in the eye--otherwise, it likes to fall out. Another
trick is that if your silk twists in use, drop the needle and blow
lightly on the thread to untwist it rather than using your fingers.

And of course, clean hands, and no ragged nails or hangnails.

Enjoy! :-)


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