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The slips exhibit was just a temporary exhibit in the little temporary
gallery off the main textile galleries.  They have moved some interesting
things in there while the Britain gallery is completely refurbished -
completion date 2001.

I do have a sheet of contact photos of slips I'll be happy to send you snail
mail if you e-mail me an address.  As always when I send out my personal
museum photos to list members, I ask that they be for your personal use

The thing that is disturbing to most of us is that after trimming, these
bits of embroidery were usually glued onto the fabric and then edged with
metallic purl or guimp.  Amazingly enough, slips are real survivors and in
reasonably good condition.

Linn Skinner
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>Thanks for the info, do you know if the V&A did a catalogue for this
>exhibit?  If it was small scale, perhaps not.
>Andrew Reid
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