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Thu Jul 8 18:40:13 PDT 1999

On 8 July 99, Kathryn wrote:
embroidering bands for the covers that went over food (to protect it from
flies and bugs). Gee,makes covers for toilet paper look absolutely normal

I have some pieces like this that my grandma just before and after WWII.  Do
you know what is worse:  I also have a couple of pieces (large ones) on very
fine linen and with embroidered carving knives and forks on them.  

My mother said that they were used for 2 purposes:  1.  To cover Roasts
after carving and 2. to put the carving utensils on (both befoe and after

One feels that these ladies had far too much time on their hands!, and I
wish I had as much time to embroider!

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