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Thu Jul 8 19:29:34 PDT 1999

> I don't have any of my books with me here at work, and I have a memory like
> a ...  oh you know... big grey thing... large ears... long trunk... oh
> what's it called?!  I have seen a wonderful set of hangings which had 'true'
> slips on them, flowers, other plants, birds, people etc, all done in tent
> and/or cross stitch and carefully cut out, tacked onto a velvet background
> and then a gold couching cord run around them to neaten the edges.  In the
> book I saw this in they reported that there was surviving evidence that
> everyone from the lady of the house to the stable boys were roped in to work
> the slips.  I think they may even be in the Hardwick Hall collection but I'm
> not sure.

	Your memory is actually quite good!  There are a couple in the
Hardwick Hall textiles book--a canopy and a bed set.  The canopy is
beautiful--slips surrounding a set of arms.  Text does say it was
altered in the 19th and 20th centuries.

	The bed set is in the Queen of Scots Room and has motifs applied
to black velvet.  The picture is a _painting_ not a photo so although the
motifs look like floral slips I can't say for certain that they are.
Also, it says that some of the needlework appears to have been done in the
17th century although some of them are pre 1601.  

	There is also a mention of "other hangings of green velvet, birds
and fowls and needlework set upon velvet," whose possession Bess of
Hardwick and her husband were arguing over.  She supposedly said or wrote
that  "her 'grooms, women, and some boys I kept wrought the most part of
them," but that may not be the reference you are thinking of.  There's no
photo of the work referred to and briefly skimming through, I don't see
any mention that any of it survived.

	Digby's _Elizabethan Embroidery_ has a photo of another hanging
which is thought to be from Scone Castle.  This one has floral slips
plus insects and dogs appplied to maroon velvet.  Another panel (with a
closeup detail!) is in the Mary QoS book too.


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