HNW - lacis vs. filet crochet for Victorian

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Wed Jul 7 05:13:02 PDT 1999

><I don't do very well with text instructions, so I go for the Japanese
>crochet books where everything is charted. 


>I highly recommend a great book:  "Crocheting in Plain English"  by Maggie

I have that one.  It helped me a lot.  I can now puzzle thru written
crochet instructions if I have to, I just don't like to have to.  I can
puzzle thru my Dover reprint of Weldon's Magazine, which is all Victorian
crochet using different names for stitches than we do now.  I can even
puzzle thru the crochet book I have which is all in Finnish.  But it's only
because these books have pictures and illustrated instructions.  OTOH, I
took immediately to the Ondori books even tho mine are all written in
Japanese.  Pictures make better sense to me than words do.  (I learned to
fake irregular shapes in filet crochet from pictures in an Ondori book.)

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