HNW - Setting Silk Dyes

Mike Newell 72123.411 at
Fri Jul 9 06:03:42 PDT 1999

Dear Kayta:

I don't use silk, but I once took to prewashing some DMC red shades because
someone told me they overdyed it. I unwrapped the skeins, wrapped them
around a jelly jar, masking taped the loop of thread closed,then immersed
it ina bowl of cold soapy water, shaking the jar around a bit. After
soaking for a couple of hours I ran the jar under cool tap water to get the
soap out, then soaked it in a bowl of clear cool water for a few hours.
Worked for me. (I'm not as paranoid now,so I don't bother).

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"
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