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Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at
Fri Jul 9 07:27:40 PDT 1999

Hi List,
I don't get as much embroidery done as I'd like either. I have a full-time
job, husband, child, life, as do a lot of us.  I do find time to embroider
at home after "night-night time" while the tv is on, and when my husband is
out for the evening.  

I do keep two projects going at once, though.  One at work (lunch break,
coffee break, waiting for appointments which usually make me leave work)
and the other goes on after the baby is in bed.  I almost always have one
or other project with me in the car on long trips, etc.  Most of my friends
are now used to talking to me through my projects at breaktime.  You'd be
amazed at how much can be done in 15 minutes.  

The other thing I do to ensure maximum output (I've gotten a little
obsessed lately, trying to get things done before our state fair, and
before I take more embroidery classes) is to have a project ready to start
the moment I get one done.  I mean this literally, I have it in the frame,
the thread together, the chart (or whatever) in a plastic sleeve, all in a
bag or folder ready to pick up when I've complete the last stitches of the
current project.

OK, I know I sound a little obsessed with getting things done, but I have
taken weeks long hiatuses (sp?), play computer games with my husband, read
stories to my son, but ... if you want lots done, you do have to take that
Victorian advice to "improve your time."

What does everyone else do?

At 05:33 AM 7/7/99 -0700, Kayta wrote:
>I find that I fill in between things with crochet.  Waiting for an
>appointment, waiting for the bus, riding on the bus, riding my exercise
>bike, etc.  Victorians spoke of 'improving the time', and they meant
>filling in those otherwise dead moments with something useful like crochet
>or embroidery.  I believe this is how even not-so-rich women had time to
>pave their houses in crochet and all that other needlework stuff.  That's
>got to be why we have so much of it now.

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