HNW - Blackwork Duckies

pat fee lcatherinemc at
Fri Jul 9 10:43:06 PDT 1999

   Could you please tell me where you found the rhinoceros?  I have a 
friend, who is soon to be a grandmother for the first time and would to love 
to embroider these motifs on some baby things.

>From: Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at>
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>Subject: Re: HNW - Blackwork Duckies
>Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:58:53 -0700
>Does anyone happen to know where to find a
> >nice little blackwork duck that I could use for a pattern?
>I thought it would be easy to find duckies, but I struck out.  I found
>several different bunnies, and one very nice rhinoceros, but no duckies.
>Maybe you can come up with something by doodling on graph paper?
>      ////.\\\
>     ////-@@\\\
>    ((((   7 (((
>      |   -- ))))
>      * )   (((((
>   /----\   /---\
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