HNW - Etera Silk

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Fri Jul 9 14:40:10 PDT 1999

>"It's much thinner than the Needlepoint Silk and "stickier" meaning that it
>snags on any rough patches on your hands.  But the price is terrific!"
>I garden quite a bit, and did manual labor for years on farms, my hands are
>NOT smooth. Has anyone else tried this?  Should I even bother getting any?

Personal experience: it is a witch to work with.  Snags like a son of a gun
if I've been gardening.

I suggest (1) trying it in the winter when your hands have had a chance to
recover and (2) getting one of the special hand creams, from a needlework
shop, that will soften your hands without staining the silk.  Really does


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