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Fri Jul 9 14:39:45 PDT 1999

>> My other great love is slips.  The 'Little flowers on canvas' so
>> loved by Mary in exile.
>> Some slips were done in cross stitch too apparently, although I haven't yet
>> seen a period piece 'in the flesh' or in a photo close enough to see more
>> detail.

Get any decent picture and enlarge it on a Xerox a couple of times.  It
will get a bit fuzzy, but you often can see the stitches.  I was enlarging
a pic of a Tudor pillow that I thought was tent stitch, and started seeing
some stitches going \ and some /.  It was cross stitch.  

Period tent stitch often distorted the canvas, like the Bradford Table
Carpet.  If it looks as though they are leaning into a hurricane, it's
tent.  If all the ups and downs actually go up and down, it may be little
bitty cross stitches.  I think there was a lot more cross stitch than we
usually assume, mistaken as tent, based on enlarging experiments.


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