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Wed Jul 7 06:48:48 PDT 1999

>   Could you please tell me where you found the rhinoceros?  I have a 
>friend, who is soon to be a grandmother for the first time and would to love 
>to embroider these motifs on some baby things.

Pp. 58-59, Counted Thread Embroidery, Helen Fairfield, St. Martin's Press,
NY, 1987, 0-312-00965-8.  This is a great little book about how counted
thread embroidery is designed for and done, rather than the usual how-to
book with projects.  There are sections on cross stitch and Assissi work,
Holbein stitch and blackwork, needlepoint and bargello, drawn thread and
drawn fabric work, and even-weave cutwork.  

The rhino is from the Durer woodcut, and the illos include Durer's
original, the working sketch, and the finished blackwork piece (it's not
small).  There are a couple of blackwork portraits, and there is a bit on
how to use the various blackwork stitches like halftone spots to achieve
realistic shading on portraits and other pictures.  Each section includes a
bit on how to get from a drawing to a counted chart in that technique.  And
the 'further reading' books are listed right at the end of each section.
Admittedly some of the examples are 70's, but most are not, like the
blackwork group picture of jumping basketball players or the 4 motifs from
the 16th century blackwork sampler in the V&A.  

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