HNW - Heart of Cross Stitch Festival

Rowena rowena at
Fri Jul 9 16:43:33 PDT 1999

> I forgot to remind you that you have a $12.00 credit with us due to your
> premature purchase of a book at Heart.
> Would you like a check or merchandise?

    I actually want to send you MORE money, and get some more gold.   I'm
looking forward to highlighting a few things by having it on it.   I have a
few pieces that always make me feel special when I wear them, knowing I did
it right,  and I'm looking forward to one (or 2) more.

    I am having fun stitching on the work cloth - I like the chuckle of
practicing but still getting something done!   It is filling in some moments
I am spending with some friends.   And it is a vast relief after sewing
canvas together!   I may have a vacation time this month, but I have so much
to do that I find myself actually looking forward to getting to a space
where I can do something mindless, like buttonholes.

    So if I send you another $20,  $25,  will that work out something for
some gold and the postage?

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